Special Features

Research and instruction

• Vibration-free scanning tunneling microscope facility 

• Class 100 and Class 1000 clean rooms, where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits

• Variable air volume capabilities to control air pressure in each lab

• Groundwater monitoring wells for student instruction and region-wide projects

• Home to 7 research centers and institutes, sparking collaborative discovery and innovation


• Advanced water recovery system to recapture and reuse grey water

• Heat recovery wheel or energy recovery heat exchanger positioned to recover and reuse the heat energy within SERC’s air handling systems

• Daylight harvesting via light shelves, hallways that span the structure, and interior glass walls to reduce electrical lighting costs

• Automated interior shades and exterior sunshades to reduce heat and reduce air conditioning costs

• SERC is LEED Gold registered


• 398-seat lecture hall, the largest in the college and one of the largest at the Temple University

• Two-story lobby for college and university events, symposia/conferences and student gatherings

• Open, collaborative spaces for faculty and students on most floors to support interaction and creativity