Choose how you want to explore and discover.

Picking your major means deciding how you’ll critically examine the world around you, whether it’s studying the biological processes within the human body or geological formations found deep inside the earth. The College of Science and Technology (CST) offers dozens of majors across six academic departments, so you can find the right field of study—or combination of disciplines—that match your interests and career goals. 

At CST, you have opportunities to do real-world research with top researchers through our Undergraduate Research Program. Students work in advanced labs, with high performance computers or at field locations. You can even get paid for summer research activities. TUteach combines a rigorous academic program with real-world teaching experience. Through TUteach, you earn a bachelor’s degree in a science or mathematics discipline, gain practical classroom experience and graduate ready to qualify for a teaching certificate.

Whatever major you choose, you have access to dedicated faculty advisors, our professional advising team and the college’s Office of Student Professional Development, which hosts job fairs with top companies and programs to help you network, find internships and improve your interviewing skills.

College of Science and Technology Majors