Reaching out to alumni to help students.

Composed of graduates who are leaders in their fields, the College of Science and Technology Alumni Board works to bring alumni together to support today’s students through the Owl to Owl Mentor Program and other initiatives. CST Board Members for 2021-2022 include:

Margherita Abe, CST ’66, (BA, Chem)

Sina Adibi, CST ’84, FOX ’86, (BA, CIS)

Mark Dash, CST ’84, (BA, CIS), President

Terry Dougherty, CST ’74, FOX ’86  (BA, Chem)

James Guare, CST ’77, ’83, (BA, MA Chem)

Eileen Helzner, CST, MED  (BS, Bio)

Sandra Ilunga, CST ’08, (BA, Bio)

Justin Malone, CST ’05, (BA, Bio) Vice President

Christian Obasi, CST ’08, (MS, EES)

Jaldhi Patel, CST ’20, (BS, Bio)

Michael Remaker II, CST ’06, (BS, CIS), Treasurer

Randy Shochet, CST ’81, (BA, Chem), Secretary

John Tierney, CST ’81, (PhD, Chem)

John Wilson, CST ’18, (BS, CIS)