At the College of Science and Technology, we are STELLAR.  

STELLAR is how we engage with students and support them on their academic journey. 

It’s how we see you. And how you’ll feel about yourself as a science and tech student. It’s how future employers will look at your knowledge and experience.

You are STELLAR. 

STELLAR is a variety of programs, initiatives and opportunities that support students in the classroom and beyond. STELLAR is a co-curricular engagement program designed to help you find and participate in activities on campus and beyond. It’s about giving you opportunities to succeed and to lead. It’s staying ahead of the latest tech roll out. It’s research experience that leads to success at Temple and beyond. It’s student clubs, health and wellness and building a learning community that soars.  


It’s the pursuit—systematic and evidence based—of knowledge. It’s discovery and innovation. And then it’s using what you learn to solve tomorrow’s toughest challenges. With more than 30 undergraduate majors—you can choose how you want to explore. Experiment. Investigate. In the lab and in the field. Then take what you learn at Temple University and change the world. 


It’s more than a phone. It’s the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It’s hardware and software combined, and the mathematics that underpins it all. It’s dynamic. Changing. CST’s research centers and renowned faculty give you an edge in the fast-paced world of tech. Here, you’ll never be left behind in your field. You’ll be out front, leading the way.  


It’s more than making connections on LinkedIn, it’s digging in to find your passion and the partners who can help you reach your goals. Volunteer at a summer science camp or help organize a STEM event for high schoolers in Philadelphia. Start your own campus club or form a study group with your peers in the First Year Seminar. It’s being a part of the CST community, one that will support you every step of the way.  


You’re a student, but also so much more. That’s why Temple and CST offer so many opportunities to build new skills, explore new interests and grow as person. Join a learning community or build new skills to enhance your career or life. Stay healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. Then take your new superpowers to the next level. 


It’s about taking chances. Learning from your missteps. And always, always moving forward. From STEM Leadership Fellows, Peer Leaders and Peer Advisors to being a mentor, classroom assistant or STEM volunteer, at CST you’ll find so many opportunities to lead, set an example and inspire others.  


You want to succeed, but you don’t have go it alone. CST offers so many resources that help you reach your potential, like the Math Consulting Center, the Student Success Center and the Chemistry Hub. Meet with our professional development staff and plan your future in industry or in professional or graduate school. It’s your dream, but we’ll be there for you every day.    


It’s working with others and working with data. It’s ‘lab hands’, big data and digging around in the earth. In your first year, you’ll learn the basics of the research process. Then you’ll have opportunities to join a research team through the CST-Research Scholars Program or through an academic course in your department, summer and international research opportunities or through university programs and outside fellowships. At CST, we know that meaningful research experiences engage students and help them achieve in the classroom and out.