Advanced research, innovative programs and community partnerships promoting science education.

The College of Science and Technology (CST) includes six academic departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer & Information Sciences, Earth & Environmental Science, Mathematics and Physics. Through its innovative Undergraduate Research Program, students work side-by-side with experienced faculty researchers in the lab, in the field and in the classroom. The college’s Science Education and Research Center, with modern research and teaching labs, is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind on the East Coast.

Many undergraduate and graduate program options.

CST offers more than 30 high-tech majors, including interdisciplinary and accelerated options, and a growing number of advanced degree programs, such as Professional Science Master’s degrees. CST also offers a Post-Baccalaureate Program for those looking to enter medical and other health-related professional schools. Skilled instruction, small upper-level class sizes and state-of-the-art equipment mean students are exposed to the latest ideas and advances in their fields.

Supporting students on and off campus.

CST’s talented advising staff helps students succeed in the classroom and its Office of Student Professional Development connects students to the Philadelphia region’s thriving science and technology industries for jobs, internships and research opportunities. In addition, CST graduates—thousands of science leaders around the world—are an invaluable resource for today’s students.

In the community and online, CST’s STEM Ed Network (science, technology, engineering and mathematics education), offers a variety of science camps and learning experiences for young people. The college’s TUteach program trains the next generation of skilled science teachers through subject-area mastery, educational pedagogy and extensive classroom teaching experience.