Offering personalized advising, entrance examination preparation and customized classes.

The College of Science and Technology’s Post Baccalaureate Program is for students planning to apply to medical, dental, podiatry, physician assistant or pharmacy school.

The curriculum prepares students for standardized tests and coursework in health professional school, with small, primarily post-bacc exclusive classes, individual and group academic support sessions and test prep, and full application support including personalized advising, committee letters and mock interviews.

Tracks for both science and non-science majors.

The programs offers two tracks: Basic Core in Health Sciences (BCHS) and Advanced Core in Health Sciences (ACHS). The BCHS track offers college graduates, including professionals in other career areas, the opportunity to take the required science courses for admission to health professional school. The ACHS track is for college graduates who possess a background in the sciences, but who are seeking to enhance their academic credentials and extend their scientific studies.