The Biological Safety Labs Level 3 (BSL3) is a certified bio-containment research facility, located in the Bio-Life Sciences Building, is a high-containment facility that supports sponsored researchers using various pathogenic materials. The BSL3 facility consists of three individual BSL3 labs that share a common prep room. Access to the facility is limited using a secured centralized card-swipe system.

  • Each of the 3 BSL3 labs contains two 6ft Class II A2 Bio-Safety Cabinets
  • NG and central CO2 ports
  • Pass-through Autoclaves (2)
  • Lockers for personnel to store personal items
  • All rooms have safety HVAC monitoring and alarm control

Reservations and Guidelines

User Registration/Access

The BSL3 Research Facility is available to Temple University researchers (including faculty and staff) upon completing the User Registration Form and acquiring all university IBC approvals. Users need to demonstrate knowledge of BSL3 lab protocols to the facility manager before using the facility. Finial request for access must be approved by the Director of the BSL3.

Usage Rates

Fees are charged to recover maintenance, supply, waste and personnel costs related to the facility.

Rates, per biosafety cabinet:

$75 per day 
$500 per month 

Note: External users will need to submit a request and cover the usage costs via a purchase order mechanism.

Using Facility Instruments

  • All users must have authorization from the facility manager or director before utilizing instruments in the BSL3.
  • To cancel a reservation, the user must do so at least 48 hours in advance to avoid incurring a user charge.
  • Issues with the facilities or instruments must be reported to the facility manager.
  • Users should not perform a task or use a piece of equipment for which you have not received proper training or are not authorized to use.
  • Do not change the alignment of any instruments beyond what you have been told by facility manager or director.
  • Violation of the facility rules and regulations may result in withdrawal of access and use of the facility.

Safety and Hazard

The following hazards may be found in these laboratories:

  • Vacuum systems, compressed gases, steam equipment
  • Electrical appliances, electronic devices, electrical outlets
  • Biological agents
  • Sharps

All users must observe the standard safety procedures that apply at all times:

  • No smoking, eating or drinking in the BSL3 laboratories.
  • Keep the labs clean at all times.
  • Follow all BSL3 and general safety protocols at all times.
  • Specimens are not to be left unattended in the BSL3 work areas.

Mark Feitelson
215-204-8434 or

Alla Arzumanyan
215-204-8359 or 215-204-0678