Innovation and discovery move our world forward.

The College of Science and Technology (CST) offers an advanced curriculum and hands-on research opportunities with faculty members who are leaders in their fields. Students learn fundamental scientific principles, the latest discoveries that impact our lives and how to bring new ideas to market and to the world. Here, you can prepare for careers in technology, research, healthcare, education or business as well as for advanced graduate study and professional school.

Options for every science and technology career.

CST offers more than 30 undergraduate majors. Accelerated programs, interdisciplinary majors and undergraduate research projects give you options for how you want to learn and explore scientific boundaries. And the experienced faculty and dedicated staff at CST will support you every step of the way.

At the graduate level, CST offers more than two dozen doctoral, master’s, Professional Science Master’s and graduate certificate programs. Students work directly with world-class faculty members on advanced research, have opportunities for coveted internships and gain valuable hands-on experience as you work toward your career goals, whether that's is academia, business, technology, research or hundreds of other sectors.