Forensic Chemistry PSM

Upon completing the program, graduates have gone on to jobs in a variety of areas, such as quality control/assurance, bench science/research, toxicology and forensic chemistry at many companies and institutions including:

  • AAA Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • American Red Cross

  • Amgen

  • Center for Forensic Science Research and Education


  • EMSL Analytical, Inc.

  • GSK

  • Merck

Learn more about some of our graduates below.

Picture of Serena Ceylan

Serena Ceylan

Class of 2020

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Picture of Hisham Naseer

Hisham Naseer

Class of 2020

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The steering committee members serve not only to guide the program’s curriculum and students but also serve as program educators and research mentors to the program’s students.


As a PSM, the Temple forensic chemistry program relies greatly on its board of outside experts drawn from industry and research centers in the Philadelphia area. These board members advise on curriculum issues and internship/research opportunities.

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