Congratulations to this year's CST Outstanding Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant Awardees!


Teaching Awards

Research Awards

Criteria for Outstanding Teaching and Research

Outstanding Research Assistant Award.

While the methods and materials used for research vary with the field of investigation, outstanding research in any field is characterized by:

  • The significance of the problem that is addressed
  • The novelty of the approach used
  • The rigor of the research

In evaluating a piece of research by any of these criteria, a scientist who works in an area close to the field of investigation may disagree with one whose area of research is far removed from the area. In the case of truly outstanding research, however, it is should be possible to convince any reasonable scientist that all three criteria are satisfied.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

Criteria for Distinguished Teaching:

Although diverse talents and classroom styles go into good teaching, distinguished teachers in any field are those who consistently and exceptionally do the following:

  • Demonstrate a command of the subject or the experimental apparatus
  • Prepare their presentations and assignments carefully
  • Are clear and rigorous in their presentations
  • Make their expectations and basis for grading clear
  • Challenge students intellectually
  • Provide prompt and full feedback to students on their progress
  • Encourage, motivate and inspire students to do their best work