Biology Imaging Facility

The Biology Imaging Facility serves both teaching and research needs for the Biology Department as well as other departments within the College of Science and Technology and across Temple University.  Facilty staff work in collaboration with other resources in the college, such as the Materials Analysis Facility, to provide a rich array of micro- and nano- resources.  Major components of the facility include a general purpose light microscope laboratory with 10 light microscopes equipped for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and differential interference microscopy;  Leica Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope with three lasers and unique spectral detection; and an Agilent 8500 FE-SEM that offers resolution of up to 10 nm, and operating voltages from 0.5 to 2kV.

For more information about microscopy resources at Temple contact:

Joel B. Sheffield
Professor of Biology