Analytical Instrumentation

The College of Science and Technology's research facilities provides a centralized location for analytical instrumentation to support faculty research efforts. 

Bruker APEX II DUO X-ray Diffractometer (PI: Michael Zdilla)

The Bruker APEX II DUO X-ray diffractometer is designed for structural determination of single crystals of small molecules (typically less than 500 non-hydrogen atoms). The diffractometer combines a molybdenum X-ray source for high throughput and charge density experiments, and a copper source for absolute configuration and protein screening. The APEX2 software has a graphical user interface that guides the user through the complete experiment and analysis, from data acquisition through data collection, integration and scaling to structure solution and refinement and report generation.

Bruker D8 Discover (PI: Xiaoxing Xi)

The Bruker D8 Discover X-ray diffractometer is optimized for determination of thin film structures. Common applications include grazing-incidence XRD (GIXD), X-Ray Reflectivity (XRR), X-ray rocking curve analysis, reciprocal space maps, texture (pole figure) and residual stress analysis. The D8 Discover diffractometer can also be reconfigured for small-angle X-ray scattering applications.

JEOL JEM-1400 Transmission Electron Microscope (PI: Daniel Strongin)

The JEOL JEM-1400 is a 120kV class TEM equipped with STEM units and an EDS analyzer. It is suitable for biological, polymer and materials science applications. The TEM offers high resolution (0.2 nm) and high contrast imaging capabilities and the STEM/EDS offer point analysis (2.0 nm) and elemental mapping capabilities. The instrument comes with a standard sample holder for routine measurements at room temperature, a liquid nitrogen transfer holder for CRYO-TEM, and a heating holder that allows the direct observation of microstructural phase changes, nucleation, growth and dissolution processes.


  • Conventional imaging, diffraction, anti elemental analysis
  • Cryo-TEM of frozen hydrated specimens
  • Minimum-dose imaging for cryogenic or other delicate specimens


  • Accelerating voltage range 10-120 kV
  • Resolution 0.2 nm lattice, 0.33 nm point, 2.0 nm STEM
  • Magnification from X50 to X1,200,000 TEM, from X120 to X3,000,000 STEM
  • Elemental analysis from B to U


  • EDAX energy-­dispersive X-ray spectrometer for elemental analysis.
  • Gatan UItraScanTM 1000 CCD carriera (2048 x 2048)for digital image acquisition
  • Gatan 526 cryo-transfer specimen holder
  • Gatan 628 heating holder