Temple Materials Institute


The Temple Materials Institute is the focal point for materials research at the university. TMI-associated faculty explore the design, synthesis, characterization and modeling of advanced materials that will impact vitally important areas of energy, sustainability and national security. TMI faculty are also actively engaged in activities that involve undergraduates as well as K-12 students and teachers in the Philadelphia region and beyond.


TMI enables collaborative interdisciplinary research on advanced materials ranging from complex functional solids and fluids to novel thin-film superconductors and materials for strategic applications. TMI sponsored research is organized under the umbrella of strategic thrust areas plus selected interdisciplinary seed projects. TMI also nurtures collaborative materials research with regional, national and international institutions, including universities, national labs and industry.


Michael L. Klein, FRS
TMI, Director
Laura H. Carnell Professor Science
Dean, College of Science and Technology

Temple Materials Institute (TMI)

Science Education and Research Center
1925 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122