Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine

Researchers within the Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine (iGEM) focus on the discovery of evolutionary patterns and processes underlying the diversity of life on earth and the promotion of that molecular evolutionary knowledge for use in genomic medicine. Genome analysis, which requires sophisticated computational methodologies, is already being used to guide the treatment of cancers of the brain and the breast. “The work iGEM will do—in evolution, genomics, informatics and more—will be to benefit humankind in the areas of biomed, medicine and ecology,” says Sudhir Kumar, iGEM director. “What will make iGEM unique is the equal footing of labs and computational power, in terms of space and resources.” The founding members of iGEM also include S. Blair Hedges, formerly of Penn State University, and Ananias Escalante, formerly of Arizona State University. 

Sudhir Kumar