Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine


iGEM’s mission is to harness molecular evolutionary knowledge and tools to advance research and for product development in biomedicine to biodiversity. The institute conducts fundamental research to first discover biological patterns and to elucidate processes that have generated these patterns over evolutionary time.

New discovery tools

Harnessing the knowledge of these patterns and processes in making predictions about genomes, diseases and biodiversity, iGEM develops new resources that enable scientists to accelerate biological discovery. These include web and mobile applications, such as TimeTree, and powerful software such as MEGA, used extensively research disciplines, including AIDS/HIV research, virology, microbiology, conservation biology, population genetics and molecular evolution.


Sudhir Kumar
iGEM, Director
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Biology

Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine (iGEM)

Science Education and Research Center, 5th and 6th floors
1925 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122