Center for Biodiversity

Research focus

The Center for Biodiversity is involved in the research, education and conservation of species. Center researchers seek to understand how species evolved (the tree of life), what currently exists (systematics and taxonomy), how species interact with each other and the environment (ecology), and how we can save species from extinction (conservation).

Haiti biodiversity

The center is working to safeguard a mountain in Haiti to protect biodiversity hot spots. "The native species of plants and animals in Haiti need greater protection," says S. Blair Hedges, center director. Approximately 500 hectares of Morne Grand Bois, including the highest areas, were purchased by Société Audubon Haiti for Haiti National Trust.


S. Blair Hedges
Center for Biodiversity, Director
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Biodiversity

Center for Biodiversity

Science Education and Research Center, 6th floor
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