Center for Advanced Photonics Research


Home to leading-edge research utilizing laser technology in the fields of biology, chemistry, optics and physics, CAPR fosters interactions between the biological, chemical, optical and physics communities. Researchers at CAPR perform experimental and theoretical research in the areas of strong field processes, adaptive photonics, nonadiabatic processes and ultrafast science.

Research approach

Faculty researchers and graduate and undergraduate students are drawn from all areas of science to form research teams to address questions in the areas of: strong-field laser control of chemical reactions; laser vaporization mass spectrometry; laser filamentation; and nanomaterials by design.


Robert Levis
CAPR, Director
College of Science and Technology, Senior Associate Dean
Department of Chemistry, Professor

Center for Advanced Photonics Research

129 Beury Hall
1901 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122