Science Education and Research Center

A new era at the College of Science and Technology

The Science Education and Research Center is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform the college, enabling CST to expand scientific exploration, attract additional research funding and bring new discoveries to market.

Watch the inspiring SERC overview video here. Or video profiles of the professors working there at

SERC contains leading-edge labs and classrooms to attract talented scholars and to provide students with abundant opportunities for exploration and investigation. To fully support moving scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the real world, SERC will contain the latest communications, safety, HVAC and other technologies.

CST departments lack appropriate space for teaching and research, making it difficult for people to collaborate. SERC’s third and fourth floors will house departmental research labs, break-out rooms and offices, storage and support areas, and seminar and conference rooms.

Multidisciplinary research is key to producing scientific breakthroughs. One of the college’s research cores for collaborative investigation, the Institute for Computational Molecular Science, will be on SERC’s seventh floor. SERC’s entire fifth floor is designed to support interdisciplinary efforts in the fast-growing materials science field.

See SERC Floor Plans (pdf)