Sarah Lehman

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Sarah Lehman
CIS 5017

Sarah is a fourth year PhD student in the CIS department at Temple University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Messiah College in 2010, and her master’s degree in Software Engineering from Penn State in 2015. Before returning to school full-time, she worked in industry as a software development consultant, and as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin. Her primary research focuses on secure and efficient design of mobile and IoT systems, with a particular focus on configurability and physical access control for mobile augmented reality. She also has supplementary projects in applied mobile and IoT solutions for geriatric healthcare.

Teaching Interest
Mobile and IoT Development, Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction

Selected Publications
Sarah M. Lehman and Chiu C. Tan, “PrivacyManager: An Access Control Framework for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications”. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security, October 2017. DOI:

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