Nancy Polychronopoulou

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Nancy Polychronopoulou
CIS 5002

My path towards computer science was not a conventional one. I have a bachelor's degree in Physics and my graduate studies were on Nuclear Physics with specialization on Medical Imaging. My graduate research was experimental and a significant part was based on programming and data analysis. Through this I came to realize the importance of computer science and the passion I have for technology. My later years of professional experience in the fields of database administration, data analytics and machine learning have only increased my excitement for the field. I am now focusing on teaching and helping students find the things that make them passionate. My teaching philosophy boils down to two principles: hands-on learning and mutual respect. I believe that students can grow to their full potential only when they are engaged to learn through experience and that they will feel competent and become self-motivated only when they are respected as individuals.

Teaching Interest
Database Design, Database Administration, Mathematics, Medical Imaging Physics

Selected Publications
A Polychronopoulou, Z. Obradovic "Structured Regression on Multilayer Networks," Proc. 16th SIAM Int’l Conf. Data Mining (SDM)
A Polychronopoulou et al, “Study of the optical properties of both continuous and pixelated scintillation crystals”, Journal of Instrumentation 4 (2009)

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