Graduate Student Grievance Procedure

An academic grievance can be initiated by a graduate student in the College of Science & Technology who believes that she or he has been evaluated in her or his academic work in an unfair manner.

Before a grievance can be initiated, the student must seek to resolve the issue through communication with the evaluating instructor or committee. If the issue cannot be resolved by this communication, the student may initiate a formal grievance at the departmental level. The grievance procedure must be initiated at the departmental level no later than the end of the semester following the semester in which the disputed valuation occurred. Students and departmental faculty must follow the department's established procedure for academic grievances.

A student who is dissatisfied with the department's decision on her or his grievance has the option of appealing the departmental action to the Graduate Committee of the College of Science & Technology. A student who wishes to initiate this process must submit an appeal, in writing, within 30 days of the departmental decision. Students should send their appeal, which must include any and all supporting documentation, to the Associate Dean administering Graduate Studies in the College of Science & technology. The Associate Dean will solicit documents pertinent to the case (for example, at a minimum, the original grievance to the department, documentation used by the department in deciding the appeal, and the department's written notification to the student of their decision). These documents and the student appeal will be provided to the members of the Graduate Committee, who will consider appeals only during the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year. Appeals sent to the Associate Dean during the last month of each academic semester will not be presented to the Graduate Committee until the beginning of the following Fall or Spring semester.

Normally within 21 days after an appeal is presented to the Graduate Committee, the Committee will decide whether to uphold the department's decision or to undertake further review. In either case, the Committee will notify the student, the department chair and the Dean.

If the Graduate Committee decides to review the department's decision, it will ask all parties to submit any further documentation they wish the Committee to consider. The Committee may choose to invite any of the parties to appear before the Committee. After reviewing documents and/or listening to relevant parties, the Graduate Committee shall make a recommendation on the case to the Dean. The Dean shall make the final decision on the grievance, and transmit the decision in writing to the student and the department chair.

Any member of the Graduate Committee from the department from which the grievance arises shall withdraw from consideration of the grievance.

This process represents the final recourse available within the College of Science & Technology for the appeal of an academic grievance at the graduateĀ 

Approved by the CST Graduate Committee October 29, 1999 and Submitted to the CST Executive Committee.