Chem 1011 – Study of Matter I

Chem 1012 – Study of Matter II

Chem 2201 – Organic Chemistry 

Chem 2202 – Organic Chemistry II

Chem 2203 – Organic Chemistry I Lab

Chem 2204 – Organic Chemistry II Lab


2006-2007       Chemistry Lecturer - Penn State University, Abington College, Abington, PA

2004-2005       Research Scientist - Research and Process Development, Ancora Pharmaceuticals, Medford, MA

2002-2003       Senior Scientist - Research and Development, Rhodia Pharma Solutions, Boston, MA

2001-2002       Senior Scientist - Research and Innovation Rhodia ChiRex, Boston, MA

2000-2001       Senior Scientist - Process Development, ChiRex Technology Center, Boston, MA

1998-2000        Postdoctoral Research - Boston College, Department of Chemistry

1997-1998          Postdoctoral Research - University of Kansas, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

1996-1997          Postdoctoral Research - Temple University, School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry

1996                    Ph.D.  Temple University, Department of Chemistry

1988                    B.S.  The College of Staten Island (City University of New York), Staten Island, NY