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Dr. Beadling is a climate scientist / oceanographer who uses observations and climate model simulations to understand the ocean's role in the climate system. Given their role in the carbon and heat budget of our planet, understanding our oceans and how they will evolve will help reduce uncertainty in climate change projections. Her research particularly focuses on ocean circulation and processes within the Southern Ocean, their projected changes under continued warming, and the role these remote processes play in the global climate.

Dr. Beadling also works to develop process-oriented diagnostics to identify and understand causes of biases in fully coupled climate model simulations and to understand how processes may be represented differently across model resolutions. Dr. Beadling collaborates closely with NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory where she contributes to the development of high resolution coupled climate models. She is also actively involved in international climate model intercomparison projects aimed to reduce uncertainty in understanding the climate response to external forcing across differing models.