Background: BS from Drexel University. Masters in Geology from Temple University, specializing in mantle petrology and geothermobarometry of peridotites. Thesis Title: An electron microprobe study of the geothermometry of some kimberlite dikes cross-cutting coal, salt and shale. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Temple University, specializing in teaching Science and Mathematics at the University level, pedagogical content knowledge. Dissertation title: The Transformation of Science and Mathematics Content Knowledge into Teaching Content by University Faculty Teaching: Disasters: Geology v Hollywood and Evolution and Extinction, Introduction to the Physical Sciences and Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology. Research: Alternative Textbook Project: Replacing expensive textbooks in introductory classes with free online literature. Information literacy project: developing content material for introductory courses that increases scientific and information literacy skills. Currently: Teaching Assistant training and development: Develop teaching skills in graduate teaching assistants for several undergraduate courses. Supporting the coordination of lectures and labs in Earth Science courses.