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I am an interdisciplinary geologist with emphases on terrestrial depositional environments, soil science and paleosols, paleoclimates, and paleoenvironments. My primary interest is the study of paleosols and their applications and limitations to interpreting the rock record. This has manifested itself as a very wide range of interests and research projects, including studies of asteroid impacts, sedimentology/stratigraphy, vertebrate taphonomy, and clastic sediments in karst systems.  The majority of my research to date has focussed on the Paleogene badlands of the White River Group of South Dakota and Nebraska.  These strata record the interaction of changing climate, sediment supply, and tectonics throughout the Paleogene, and thus represent a natural laboratory to investigate the concepts of paleopedology.  Check out my book for detailed information.  In addition to field work, my research incorporates a wide variety of analytical techniques, including XRD, ICP-MS, SEM/EDX, and petrography/petrology.