Zoom Into Science

Preparing for (and Enduring) Antarctic Research

Prof. Atsuhiro Muto, who spent three months investigating atmospheric and oceanic conditions influencing the movement and melt of Antarctica's Florida-sized Thwaites glacier, walks you through the steps needed to prepare for, and endure, advanced research on the ice. Muto will explain how his group used the seismic technique to measure the depth of the ocean floor beneath Thwaites Ice Shelf. What did they learn?



The Chemistry of Cooking (the Perfect) Risotto

From why chopping onions makes you cry to the Maillard reaction to why you never, ever rinse your rice, Chemistry Professor (and skilled home cook) Daniele Ramella will take you through each step of Risotto ai Funghi and the complex chemistry behind creating this Northern Italian classic. Delizioso!




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