Welcome Message from Dean Klein

Welcome to Temple University and the College of Science and Technology. Your education is about to begin, but how do you succeed at CST? There are three steps to success.

1. Ask questions.

Ask professors, faculty advisors, advising staff and classmates. Find a mentor!

2. Seize opportunity.

Take advantage of the college's Undergraduate Research Program, Student Professional Development, job fairs and student organizations. Challenge yourself! And most importantly…

3. Go to class!

Participate in the discussion, take notes, do the work and then check the work. Have academic integrity!

Science and tech shape our world; science and tech will save our world! Vaccines and drug discovery, renewable energy breakthroughs, designing new materials, harnessing power of big data; all were created by people just like you!

Start with one goal. Graduate on time! And you do that by…going to class!

Have a great year and good luck!

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