TUteach program

Be a scientist...Be a teacher...Change the world!

Earn a BS in mathematics or a science, and qualify for a teaching certificate in four years

Whether teaching is your ultimate career goal or not, the TUteach program offers its graduates many career options. The “teaching” majors in CST have flexible entry points and allow for internship, research and study abroad experiences.  The pedagogy courses not only provide teaching skills and classroom experiences, but increase communication skills and confidence in dealing with challenging situations, important skills regardless of career choice. TUteach graduates have gone on to graduate school in STEM disciplines, medical school, dental school, pharmacy school and more.  Many are teaching in public and private schools in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Some are working in curriculum development and research, some in international education.

Degree options

TUteach offers degrees in all natural sciences and has multiple options for those interested in mathematics.  Majors are.

  • Biology with Teaching
  • Chemistry with Teaching
  • Earth and Space Science with Teaching
  • General Science with Teaching
  • Mathematics with Teaching
  • Mathematics and Computer Science with Teaching
  • Mathematics and Technology with Teaching (includes four Engineering courses)
  • Physics with Teaching

For more on each individual major's academic programs, click here.


TUteach degrees closely parallel the Bachelor of Arts of Science degree in the specialty subject (e.g. mathematics or biology).  In addition, they require select courses especially designed to prepare science and mathematics majors to be outstanding teachers. TUteach emphasizes early practical teaching experience.  Students discover first hand if a career in STEM education is a good fit for them, and get a head start in developing teaching skills. All TUteach courses, including those offered by the College of Education, are especially designed with science and mathematics majors in mind.

Students are encouraged to begin their TUteach majors as freshmen or sophomores.  It is also possible to complete all the TUteach courses needed for a teaching certificate in as few as four semesters, opening options to students as they progress academically or transfer into CST. STEP courses are offered so ANY student can try out teaching at any point in their major!  The STEP courses give students the opportunities to prepare and deliver lessons to elementary and middle school students. 

All “STEP” courses are offered by Master Teachers, faculty who have extensive experience teaching high-school or middle-school science or mathematics. TUteach Master Teachers advise and mentor students considering careers in education, from their first “STEP” course, through apprentice teaching in the senior year, and beyond, providing coaching and support to new TUteach students and recent graduates who are just getting started as teachers.

TUteach students have many field work and internship options in the area of STEM Education.  To learn more about these options, click here.


For more information

Please contact:

Kenneth Ruff
TUteach Advisor

Susan Varnum
Associate Dean for Science Education