Undergraduate Research Program

Summer/Fall 2019 URP Application is now closed.

Summer 2019 URP Approval Form: Click Here

Summer 2019 Research Projects - You can review or download the PDFs with all of the projects:  CST Facutly Research Projects

Fall 2019 Research Projects - TBD

Applications must be completed for each semester you wish to conduct research - even if you are currently doing the URP and wish to continue into the following semester!

URP Application Process

Students are required to apply each semester for participation in URP. This is a selective program so a student will need to have a solid GPA (no less than 2.75)  in CST-related courses as well as a strong university GPA (no less than 2.75).  Both will be reviewed during the URP acceptance process. Your CST GPA will count all courses including repeated and withdrawn CST courses in the CST GPA calculation.  This is a unique GPA calculation for this program.

The program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Typically, freshmen have not completed enough of the required entry-level CST courses to be considered for the program.  Transfer students who have completed 2 semesters in CST may also apply.

Students will be sent an email informing them about the application deadlines to apply via the CST Opportunities email.  You must then complete the required application online by the due date to be considered.  Students may indicate during the application process which URP faculty members they might be interested in working with as their faculty research sponsor. Students should specify more than one URP faculty sponsor.

Once students have been notified that they are accepted into the program, they can begin to contact the faculty members they are interested in working with. Students are required to find their own research project, they are not placed in a lab. Once an approved URP student is matched in a lab, they must complete the URP approval form, which requires a detailed description of their research project.

Students who are selected to participate in the Fall or Spring will take a 3-4 credit research course (on rare occasions students can petition to complete only 1 - 2 research credits  this is not recommended as 3 hours a week in research is really not enough time to have a project.  Students will work with a faculty sponsor to perform research work in the faculty member’s lab. Students are expected to work approximately 3 times the number of credit hours per week in the lab and may be asked to participate in conferences or to showcase their research work in the department.

Students may also be paid for additional time in excess of their required course work requirement in the lab if the faculty sponsor supports the additional research work.  Students may earn up to $9.00 an hour for a maximum of 9 hours each week above the required course time in the lab. 

Students MUST be taking a 3 or 4 credit research course to receive pay for additional time in lab over their required hours.  Students who are taking only a 1 or 2 credit hour research course are not eligible for additional hours of pay.  

NOTE: Students can also do undergraduate research outside of this program and still receive course credit.  Please see the faculty advisor for your major to learn more.

DEADLINES for Summer/Fall 2019 Dates
Faculty Sponsors will specify their research projects Early March
Students will apply for the URP program selecting from the list of approved Faculty sponsors March 15 to March 29
Students and Faculty will be notified of approved URP Students for the Summer April 12
Faculty will interview from the list of approved students who have indicated a desire to work with the faculty sponsor April 12 to April 29
All completed URP Forms for SUMMER 2019 must be returned to the College of Science & Technology April 29
All completed URP Forms for FALL 2019 must be returned to the College of Science & Technology September 4


Rose McGinnis
Director of Professional Development & Undergraduate Research