Apply to the Undergraduate Research Program

How do you apply?

Students will be sent an email informing them about the application deadlines to apply. They must then complete the required application online by the due date to be considered. Fall and Summer applications are available in March. Spring applications are available in October. Students may indicate during the application process which URP faculty members they might be interested in working with as their faculty research sponsor – students should specify more than one URP faculty sponsor.
  1. Complete URP application
    • Spring Applications are now closed - Application for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 will open in Mid March
  2. Complete Research Approval Form for Spring 2020 (once accepted into program)


Applications must be completed for each semester you wish to conduct research - even if you are currently doing the URP and wish to continue into the following semester!

                                                                                              DEADLINES for Spring 2020
Faculty Sponsors will specify their research projects
Late October
Students will apply for the URP program selecting from the list of approved Faculty sponsors
October 24nd - November 6th
Students and Faculty will be notified of approved URP Students for the Spring
November 18th
Faculty will interview from the list of approved students who have indicated a desire to work with the faculty sponsor
November 18th - December 4th
All completed URP Forms for Spring 2020 must be returned to the College of Science & Technology
December 4th


Rose McGinnis
Director of Student Professional Development & Undergraduate Research Program
Kelsey Craig
Career Coach