Where to Give

Options for supporting CST

Real-world research is an essential part of CST’s curriculum. The college’s Undergraduate Research Program (URP) is designed to get motivated students into the lab with world-class Temple researchers. More than 850 students have participated in URP, working on projects such as an intelligent reasoning system or studying topics like the effects of ocean acidification on coral.

Today, students must have lab experience, especially if they plan on going to medical school or to top graduate programs. In such a competitive market, advanced research experience provides URP students with a distinct edge. Gifts to URP translate into more students getting this invaluable experience.

CST’s extraordinary professors conduct innovative research and invent advanced technology. They attract research dollars and inspire students to excel. Today, many universities are competing fiercely for a small cadre of scientific superstars. To continue attracting remarkable talent, CST needs donor support to establish two term professorships within the college.

Gifts toward endowed term professorships help attract top researchers and top teachers, and the income the funds generate supports leading-edge research in the lab and in the field.

Graduate students work side by side with faculty and help push scientific inquiry in promising new directions. Talented students want to work with our experienced researchers, but to attract promising PhD candidates the college must offer the same level of funding as other top institutions. To do that, we need additional funding for fellowships.

Currently, Temple provides PhD students with fellowship funding that is often several thousand dollars less than what peer institutions offer. A ‘top-up’ fund provides money that can be used to make CST fellowships competitive with our peers, which is key for bringing in top doctoral candidates.


More giving options include:

Science Education and Research Building  

Gifts toward SERC can name laboratories, classrooms, conference rooms and lecture halls, with funds going to support student scholarships, faculty endowment or any other CST designation a donor chooses.

CST’s Science Education and Research Center (SERC) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform the college. The seven-story, 246,000-square-foot structure enables CST to continue to increase enrollment, improve rankings and attract additional research dollars. SERC houses leading-edge lab and classroom spaces to attract talented scholars to CST’s already outstanding research community and provide students with abundant opportunities for exploration and investigation. To fully support moving scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the real world, SERC contains the latest communications, safety and other technologies. Multidisciplinary research is the key to producing scientific breakthroughs. SERC’s fifth floor supports interdisciplinary efforts in the fast-growing materials science field. The Institute for Computational Molecular Biology, one of the college’s research cores for collaborative investigation, is housed on the seventh floor.

TUteach and Science Scholars

Gift to CST academic programs support today’s students right now, providing a world-class education to talented students from around the world.

TUteach is training the next generation of teachers who understand both advanced science and what it takes to succeed in the classroom. In contrast to many other teacher preparation programs TUteach, students start teaching in real middle-school classrooms during their freshman or sophomore year. TUteach students then graduate with a bachelor of science in their chosen math or science field, as well as the academic and experiential qualification to earn a middle- or high-school teaching certificate.

CST’s Science Scholars is designed for highly qualified students who demonstrate a passion for science, technology and research. With academic and professional supports, Science Scholars prepares students to apply for prestigious national and international scholarships and awards, research funding, graduate school and job opportunities. Science Scholars can take advantage of advance research opportunities starting in their freshman year. There are mentored by faculty, graduate students and professionals and take part in special seminars, workshops and conferences. In addition, Science Scholars receive a $4,000 stipend each summer for 3 years to be used for research or study abroad.

Supporting faculty and students

Student scholarships and faculty endowments can be established to support the departments and fields that are most important to each donor.

Attracting gifted researchers and teachers is one of CST’s top priorities. As the college competes against other institutions for both new PhDs and experienced professors, resources devoted to faculty are critical. Endowed professorships help CST attract nationally recognized researchers to the college’s faculty. A named assistant professorship supports lab setup and the initial research work necessary to compete successfully for additional external funding. An endowed faculty award for outstanding teaching, mentoring or research rewards hard work and helps to retain talented faculty.

Attracting promising students to the college, easing their financial burdens and helping them make the most of their education experience are central to CST’s mission. Scholarships help cover all or part of tuition for an undergraduate or graduate student. Scholarships can be established to support students in a particular department or field of study or with other donor-specified criteria. The college also administers a number of academic awards to both graduate and undergraduate students. Academic awards attract top students to CST and further motivate current students to excel and take on new challenges.

For more giving options, contact:

Kathy McGady
Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Affairs

College of Science and Technology
Conwell Hall, Suite 305
1801 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Email: kathleen.mcgady@temple.edu 
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