Debbie and Stanley Lefkowitz


Debbie and Stanley, CST '65, Lefkowitz

45 years of commitment to Temple

“The role of a scientist is knowing what questions to ask,” explains Stanley Lefkowitz, a notion he learned and put into practice during his years at Temple as an undergraduate chemistry major. Stanley credits the remarkable faculty, and memorable interactions with them and his peers, with making his Temple experience great. Professors like Hazel Tomlinson, George Harrington and Bob Salomon left lasting impressions that have guided him as a person and as a scientist.

Stanley is executive vice president and chief financial officer of The Falconwood Corporation, an investment banking company. In addition to a bachelor’s degree from Temple, he holds a PhD in chemistry from Princeton University. A scholarship recipient himself, Stanley and his wife Debbie have made it a priority over the past 45 years to give of their time and resources to Temple University. They contribute to four different areas at Temple (CST, CLA, Medicine and Athletics), the most prominent being CST, where Stanley currently serves on the Board of Visitors. “It goes back to asking the right questions, understanding the most prevalent needs, and then choosing to fund the areas we believe are important to us and to making Temple and the world an incrementally better place,” says Stanley.

Distinguished faculty fellowships, TUteach, and the Debra and Stanley Lefkowitz Undergraduate Student Research Award are a few areas that have greatly benefited from Debbie and Stanley’s support. “We’ve witnessed the impact that greater resources can give to faculty who are at the forefront of their field, especially in recruiting promising PhD candidates. Many times, all it takes is someone to start and good things happen from there.”