TUteach's Jen Berman with students


Make an impact

At CST, chemists develop cancer-fighting drugs, geologists find renewable energy sources, computer scientists use data to fight infections and new teachers bring advanced science to underserved schools. These extraordinary breakthroughs—and many more—are built upon advanced research and exceptional teaching and academic programs.

CST hires top scientists and gives them the tools to innovate. The college attracts talented students from around the world, connecting them to accomplished professors and hands-on experience with new technologies. The college’s new Science Education and Research Center will dramatically expand interdisciplinary research and bolster technology transfer, where scientists turn discoveries in the lab into new products and companies.

Today, CST’s impact can be felt across Temple University, throughout the Philadelphia region and increasingly nationally and globally. CST’s goals for tomorrow are more opportunities for students to pursue an advanced education and for scientists to conduct groundbreaking research. That will mean more innovation, scientific discovery and technological transformation, measurably improving the lives of people worldwide.