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Friday, September 24

Undergraduate program changes


Wednesday, April 28


Undergraduate Certificate in Scientific Communication

Graduate Program Changes



September 25, 2020

July 14, 2020

April 22, 2020

February 13, 2020


November 2019

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October 2018

February 2018


Draft Minutes, November 2017

Meeting Minutes 11/15/2017


New Proposals, March 2017

Summary of program changes


Draft minutes: March 9, 2017


Meeting minutes 3/9/2017


Draft minutes: Nov. 9, 2016

Meeting minutes 11/9/2016


New Proposals, October 2016

Program Changes

B.A. in Computer Science Requested Program Change

B.A. in Information Science & Technology Requested Program Change

B.S. in Information Science & Technology Requested Program Change


Draft minutes: March 21, 2016

Meeting minutes 3/21/16

New Proposals 2016

M.S. in Data Science: Computational Analytics

Data Science Commputational Analytics BS

Data Science Computational Analytics Certificate

Data Science Computational Analytics Minor

Data Science Genomics BS

Data Science Genomics Certificate

Data Science Modeling Physical Systems BS

Information Science and Technology BA

Information Science and Technology BS

Information Science and Technology Minor

Course Concept: Introduction to Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences


Draft minutes from meeting: December 14, 2015

Draft minutes Dec. 13, 2015


Proposals for meeting: December 14, 2015







March 2015

DRAFT: March 23, 2015 Minutes


PSM in Forensic Science

Basic Concepts of Math Proposal

Jan. 2015


Programming Cert. requirements and comparison to CS and IST minors 

IS&T Minor requirements and differences

IS&T BA requirements and differences

IS&T BS requirements and differences

CS minor requirements and differences 

Computer Security/Digital Forensics Cert. comparison to CS & IST minors

PSM in Bioinformatics White Paper

Oct. 2014

Draft: Oct. 2014 Draft Minutes

Oct. 2014 Proposal: BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
April 2014

Draft: April 2014 Draft Minutes

Proposal: PSM Bioinnovation

Dec. 2013

Draft: Dec. 2013 Draft Minutes

April 2013

Approved: April 2013 Approved Minutes

Draft: April 2013 Draft Minutes

April 2013


Math & Engineering with Teaching Proposal (pdf)

Computer Science BA Proposal (pdf)

Computer Science BS Proposal (pdf)

Math & CS BS Proposal (pdf)

Oct. 2012


Computer Science Proposal (pdf)

Math & CS with Teaching Proposal (pdf)

Math & CS Proposal (pdf)

Oct. 2012 Approved: Oct. 2012 Approved Minutes (pdf)  
Oct. 2012 Draft: Oct. 2012 Draft Minutes (pdf)  
March 2012


Environmental Studies Proposal (pdf)

Chemistry Proposal (pdf)

TUteach Proposal (pdf)

March 2012 Draft: March 2012 Draft Minutes (pdf)
Oct. 2011


EES Proposal (pdf)

Math Proposal (pdf)

Biotechnology MS Proposal (pdf)

Oct. 2011 Draft: Oct. 2011 Draft Minutes (pdf)  
Dec. 2010 Draft: Dec 2010 Draft Minutes (pdf)  
Sept. 2010 Approved: Sept. 2010 Approved Minutes (pdf)  
March 2010 Approved: March 2010 Approved Minutes (pdf)  
Feb. 2010


CIS MS in IST - Accelerated (4+1) (pdf)

CS MS in CS - Accelerated (4+1) (pdf)

CIS Ph.D. in Computer and Networking Systems (pdf)

Minor in Digital Media Technologies (pdf)

Dec. 2009

Approved: Dec. 2009 Approved Minutes (pdf)



Revised Natural Science BA (pdf)

Revised General Science with Teaching BS (pdf)

Rationale for the changes to the Natural Science Major and the General Science with Teaching Major (pdf)

Math CS with Teaching BS (pdf)

April 2009


Doctoral Degree Program in Geoscience (pdf)

Masters Degree in IS&T

Dec. 2008 Approved: Dec. 2008 Approved Minutes (pdf)  
Sept. 2008 Approved: Sept. 2008 Approved Minutes (pdf)  
April 2008 Approved: April 2008 Approved Minutes (pdf)  
January 2008


Revised Mathematics and Physics Program (pdf)

Mew BS in Mathematics and CIS (pdf)