Owl to Owl Mentor Program

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Owl to Owl registration for the 2019-2020 academic year is now open.

Are you a mentor/mentee for the 2019/20 academic year? Access the Owl to Owl Handbook here. 

In just a few meetings spread out over two semesters, CST alumni can have a big impact on a student’s education and career. Mentors help students think about what they want to achieve in life, set goals and map out strategies for achieving their dreams. CST graduates have worked hard to earn their success; now you can share what you have learned with the next generation!

For CST Alumni

  •     Learn about current CST students and programs
  •     Make an impact on a CST student's life
  •     Help a CST student set goals and map out strategies
  •     Application is closed. Questions? cstalum@temple.edu

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For CST Students

  •     Build a professional network
  •     Enhance professional and communication skills
  •     Connect academics & career; get advice on experiences & courses
  •     Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  •     Gain exposure to career options and job-search tips
  •     Application closes 9/6/19 

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How It Works

The Owl to Owl Mentor Program is structured around four meetings over the course of two semesters. Students and mentors will be matched by criteria that will be mutually beneficial to both participants.

  • First meeting: A face-to-face, introductory meeting between the mentor and the mentee, on campus over lunch
  • Second meeting: Off-campus where mentor’s share their professional experience and career path  
  • Third Meeting: At mentor's workplace or site relevant to student's career interest, such as a professional conference
  • Fourth Meeting: On campus, with all mentors and mentees in the program sharing their experiences

While every effort will be made to pair a student with an appropriate alumnus/ae, student registration does not guarantee that a student will be paired with a mentor.

For more information on mentoring, contact:

CST Alumni Office