Science Scholars Program

Supporting tomorrow's exceptional researchers

The Science Scholars Program supports exceptional incoming CST students and students beginning their sophomore year with paid summer research and academic and professional development.


  • Identify exceptionally prepared, academically strong incoming freshman and sophomore students who have demonstrated passion in science or technology and provide them with opportunities to begin advanced research experiences in freshman year.
  • Continue to improve the quantity and quality of CST students so that more qualify for prestigious national and international scholarships, including the Rhodes, Marshall and Goldwater, and more are accepted into the most prestigious graduate programs.
  • Further establish CST as a destination for talented students who are interested in advanced research and scientific discovery.
  • Once in the program SSP students must continue to be enrolled as a CST student and maintain an overall GPA of 3.6 and a CST GPA of 3.5.

  • Students also must continue with their research interests.



Each SSP student will receive up to $4,000 in summer funding for three years to complete research projects within CST, Temple or at another institution either in the US or abroad.  Their first summer research project must be completed with a faculty member in the College of Science and Technology.
Other benefits include:

  • Multiple Temple research opportunities starting in freshman year
  • Personal and professional development—seminars, workshops, conferences and colloquium
  • Access to faculty, graduate student and professional mentors
  • Potential for international research which would be supported via the program
  • Preparation for awards, scholarships and external research opportunities


We started the program with the freshman class who entered CST in 2012.  Currently we have11 seniors, 16 juniors and 12 sophomores. SSP students will be selected from admitted CST students within Temple Honors Program.  Students must have high math and verbal SAT scores or high ACT Math and English scores, exceptional high school transcripts with many advanced placement credits, and have completed a rigorous high school program.The application and selection process for the class of 2022 entering Freshman, will occur during the 2018 summer.

The program is highly selective with an academically challenging selection process. Students must be invited to apply based on their admissions infomation and there is a formal application and selection process which includes a full review by the Science Scholars Faculty Committee. The committee selection is focused on applicants who are leaning towards research as a career.

Selection Requirements

  • Must be a College of Science & Technology student
  • Must be admitted to the University Honors Program
  • Typically are a President or Provost Scholarship recipient
  • High Scores in the AP or IB exams in Math or Science subjects
  • Research experience or high level science fair projects - awards preferred
  • Participation in high level external science or math programs - preferred
  • Any other significant academic achievements
  • Evidence of strong passion, dedication, and achievement in science or technology research

For more information

Rose McGinnis
Director of Student Professional Development
1210 Polett Walk, Suite 150
Philadelphia, PA 19122