Digital Media Technologies

Digital Media Technologies

The Digital Media Technologies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor offered through the Media Studies and Production (MSP) Department within SMC and the Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) Department within CST. It is designed to expand students’ knowledge of the information age, to empower them to understand how to communicate using emerging media and computer technologies. The ability to tell stories through emerging digital media technologies will be critically and analytically explored as students examine the science of those technologies. The algorithms of communicating via emergent technologies will be at the core of this minor. This program addresses serious gaps in the current curriculum because current students of media have little understanding of the science of digital media and fast evolving interactive web-based information sharing technologies.


The Digital Media Technologies Minor includes a required two-course core in media technology in MSP as well as a two-course core in web programming in CIS followed by two electives in related material. For more information and to see a full elective list, visit the related websites below.

Program Goals

After completing this program, students should be able to:

  • Use technology to integrate internet content with computers and mobile devices.
  • Design and implement content for various digital media, utilizing database technologies.
  • Critically analyze decisions made regarding the use of technology, specifically in the social and ethical domains.
  • Understand the impact of current and emerging technologies on communications, both locally and globally.
  • Create effective written communications make professional presentations.
  • Analyze and solve problems efficiently.

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Sally Kyvernitis, CIS Faulty Advisor
Science Education and Research Center, Room 330

Dr. Nancy Morris, MSP Chairperson, Contact for MSP Requirements
Annenberg Hall, Room 205