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  • In this issue:
    • New faculty
    • Student success
    • Funded research
    • Awards and honors
  • Temple professor Franklin Davis
    In this issue:

    Franklin A. Davis retires
    Dr. Matsika wins research award
    Detecting chemical warfare agents
    New research grants
    Spike for Science

  • Temple geology students
    In this issue:
    • New postdoc researchers
    • Assessing stormwater measures
    • Research grants
    • Alumni updates
  • CST student awardee and CST Dean Michael Klein
    In this issue:
    • New faculty
    • Sessile marine invertibrates
    • Student success
    • New research grants
  • Temple CIS students and autonomous car
    In this issue:
    • New faculty
    • CIS grads and autonomous cars
    • Data mining
    • New grants
    • New degrees
    • Faculty and student news