URP Award Winners

CST's Undergraduate Research Program offers students the opportunity to work on real-world research projects with experienced researchers from across Temple University. Students then present their research at the URP Symposium. This year's winners are:

First Place Poster - $500 Award

Ryan Houlihan - An Effective Auditing Schemem for Cloud Computing

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Xiaojang Du

First Place Presentation - $500 Award

Santi Karnam - The Synaptic Palmitoyltransferase DHHC14 Binds and Regulates PDZ Domain Proteins

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Gareth Thomas

Second Place Poster - $250 Award

Amy Hui Ting He - Analysis of cognitive deficits in a mouse model of cerebral palsy using novel object recognition

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Tanya Ferguson

Honorable Mention Posters – Each $100 Award

1) Kathryn D. Lund - Five Dimensions of Traffic

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Benjamin Seibold

2) Catherine Triandafillou - Excited-state Tautomerization of CytosineMonomers

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Spiridoula Matsika

3) Jake T Roemer - Speech Processing in a Cell Phone

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Matt Mackie

4) Joseph Hardardt - Exploring molecular differences among distinct monocyte populations implicated in the development and progression of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Tracy Fischer-Smith