Mathematics Update Spring 2018

Research assistant professor Shelby Stanhope

This past semester brought with it major faculty changes to Mathematics. The department welcomed Sam Taylor, and the end of the semester also marked the retirements of David Hill, Isaac Pesenson and Alu Srinivasan, all of whom had remarkable and impactful careers at Temple University. They have all helped shape the department in so many positive ways. 

This academic year, the department is buzzing with activities that have raised its visibility and reputation, both nationally and locally. The dedicated work of faculty and staff has resulted in an outstanding Algebra Extravaganza in July, another successful edition of the Numerical Analysis Day in November, new grants, a new American Mathematical Society Fellow, a College of Science and Technology Research Award and two college distinguished teaching awards.

The department also graduated six new PhD students, and graduate and undergraduate students have been competitive in the job market. Some truly great things are happening in Wachman Hall.

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