John Scott Award Symposium

On November 20, the College of Science and Technology will host the John Scott Award Symposium, honoring one of the 2015 awardees John Perdew, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Physics and Chemistry. The symposium will explore density functional theory.

Since 1834, the John Scott Award is given to “the most deserving” men and women whose inventions have contributed in some outstanding way to the “comfort, welfare and happiness” of mankind. Previous recipients include Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, R. Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk and Nikola Tesla.

The 2015 John Scott Award is presented to John Perdew for his key role in the development of density functional theory (DFT), which has led to a fundamental understanding and design of the structure and behavior of materials. This year’s other John Scott Award recipient is Madeleine Joullie, a member of the Board of Visitors at the College of Science and Technology.

John Scott Award Symposium 

Friday, November 20

Science Education and Research Center, Room 110A

1925 N. 12th Street
Temple University, Main Campus
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Speakers include:

On Variational Principles in Density Functional Theory
Melvyn Levy
Professor Emeritus
Tulane University

Self-Interaction Correction to Density Functional Theory: Now and Then, with Application to Molecular Systems
Mark R. Pederson

Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University

Density Functional Theory-Fractional Perspectives and Pairing Fluctuations
Weitao Yang
Philip Handler Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Duke University 

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