Fall 2019 URP Symposium Poster Winners

First Place - $700

Claire Goucher, Biology (pictured)
Poster Title: Promoting Axon Regeneration in Adult CNS by Targeting Liver Kinase B1
Faculty Sponsor:
Shuxin Li Shuxin Li, MD, PhD
Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center

Second Place - $500

Shannan Lowe, Biology
Poster Title: Determining the Function of tbx-20 Repressor Domains in Zebrafish
Faculty Sponsor: Darius Balciunas, Biology

Third Place - $300

Manish Bayana, Biochemistry
Poster Title: Synthesis of Chemically Active Models of the Oxygen Evolving Complex
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Zdilla, Chemistry

Honorable Mentions - $150

Adam Mangold, Biochemistry
Poster Title: Contribution of Cardiomyocyte Death to Stress-Induced Contractile Deficits in MCU-Overexpressor Mice
Faculty Sponsor: John Elrod, Center for Translational Medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine 

Anh Huynh, Biochemistry
Poster Title: Investigating the role of Glutamine Metabolism in Fibrotic Gene Programming and Myofibroblast Differentiation
Faculty Sponsor: John Elrod

Priya Nigam, Neuroscience: Cellular & Molecular + Computer Science
Poster Title: Evolution of Genes Involved in Gametocyte Development Genes in the Life Cycle of Plasmodium sp., the Agents of Human Malaria
Faculty Sponsor: Ananias Escalante, Biology

October 1, 2019