Fall 2018 URP Symposium Winners


Fall 2018
Award Winners




1st Place
Samantha Shallop
Junior, Neuroscience; Biology                       
Faculty Member: Seonhee Kim         
Project: Interaction Between mTOR Signaling and Polarity Complex Protein, Pals1, in Cerebral Cortex Development


2nd Place
Sophia Adler  
Junior, Biochemistry  
Faculty Member: Sarah Wengryniuk 
Project: Novel Approach for the Selective Oxidation of Secondary Over Primary Alcohols

3rd Place
Brooke Quinn 
Junior, Biology
Faculty Member: Tonia Hsieh
Project: Can learning facilitate perturbation recovery following limb loss in tarantulas?

Honorable Mention
Victorya Richardson   
Junior, Applied Mathematics
Faculty Member: Rob Kulathinal                   
Project: Functional adaptive landscape across Great Apes genomes

Honorable Mention
Kaitlin Kennedy          
Senior, Biology           
Faculty Member: Uma Sajjan
Project: Innate Immune Responses to Rhinovirus is Altered in Macrophages Obtained from Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Honorable Mention   
Terrell Nowlin
Senior, Mathematics and Computer
Faculty Member: Richard Souvenir               
Project: Predicting Prostate Cancer Recurrence using Machine Learning