Eric Borguet selected as recipient of prestigious Morino Lectureship in Japan


Eric Borguet, professor of chemistry in the College of Science and Technology for the past 15 years, was recently selected as a recipient of the prestigious Morino Lectureship in Japan. Named after outstanding molecular scientist Yonezo Morino, the Morino Foundation for Molecular Science presents the award to distinguished scientists and researchers each year. Fellow Morino recipients include Nobel Prize laureates and Hai-Lung Dai, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Chemistry and Temple's Vice President for International Affairs. Borguet was nominated for the award by a distinguished colleague in Japan.


The Morino Lectureship funds Borguet’s travel for several weeks to lecture in Japan at research institutions and universities. He recently presented an invited lecture at the Japan Society of Molecular Science. He was one of two invited speakers from the United States, the other being Michael L. Klein, CST dean and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Science.


The lectureship allows Borguet to travel to Japan both this month and in early January, where he will present research on “the ultrafast spectroscopy of aqueous interfaces, trying to understand the behavior of the first few layers of water next to a solid.” Borguet will also present on single molecule electrical sensing and switching, which, he explained, “is about measuring and understanding the electrical properties of single molecules with potential applications including the use of molecules as electronic components in nanoscale devices.”


Highlighting the deeper significance this lectureship brings to Temple, Borguet says it creates opportunities for faculty and students and recognizes their research projects. "This is a recognition of Temple’s international footprint and reputation," said Borguet. "It’s part of our mission to prepare our students for the bigger world. It’s not just Philadelphia.”


Borguet is also the STEM faculty advisor for the Office of International Affairs. He has worked to enhance opportunities for STEM students to study abroad. Temple Rome now offers expanded biology and mathematics programs. Originally from Ireland, Borguet studied chemistry and physics in Paris before earning his PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. He leads a team of undergraduate and graduate researchers called The Borguet Group.


-Amanda Morrison

September 25, 2019