CST Diversity Innovation Initiative Fund

The CST Diversity Innovation Initiative (DII) is an opportunity meant to provide financial support for projects that aim to increase representation through innovative approaches that address diversity within the college, and mathematics, science, and technology as a whole.

There are Fall and Spring application cycles. Additional information can be found in the FAQ.

Projects supported by the fund will:

  1. Have the demonstrable purpose of enhancing DEI
  2. Not exceed a 12-month timeline, extensions subject to approval
  3. Be categorized in the following tiers:
    • Small: up to $1,000
    • Medium: up to $5,000
    • Large: up to $20,000


Small tier grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis during September, October and November for the Fall cycle, and during February, March and April for the Spring cycle. Applications received by the 8th of the month will receive a decision within two weeks.

Medium and large tier grant appications are due November 1st for the Fall Cycle, and March 1st for the Spring Cycle. Decisions will be rendered approximately one month after the application deadline.

Application PDF should include:

  1. Project Description
    1. Title
    2. Relevance to DEI
    3. Description of Activities and Target Audience
    4. Expected Outcomes
    5. Timeline/Schedule
  2. Budget and Justification
  3. Project Personnel and Roles
  • The Project Description will not exceed two (Small tier or Medium tier) or four (Large tier) pages (minimum of: 1” margins, 11 pt font, single-spaced document), in a PDF format.
  • All students, faculty, and staff members of the College of Science and Technology are eligible to submit an application.
  • All student-led projects must include a CST faculty member as an advisor.
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For more information, contact the CST DEI Committee: cst.dei@temple.edu