Student Speaker

Casey Rubin, CST '21 is graduating with a bachelor’s of science degree in biolog. At Temple, she conducted undergraduate research on the antibacterial properties of smart biomaterials and on cell-penetrating peptides for use in drug delivery. Rubin is a member of the university’s Pre-Professional Health Society and Pre-Veterinary Medicine Organization. Her work experience includes managing a database of international hospitals and helping families handle the challenges of children in treatment. A passionate advocate for the welfare of people and animals, Rubin plans to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

Excerpts from prepared remarks

Like many of you, I wasn’t sure that we’d be standing here today in person to experience this special moment in all of our lives. Nevertheless, here we all are, in unity, once again. This class represents resilience. This class represents hope.


Temple taught me how important it would be to collaborate with peers. I learned to be a teacher and to always look for opportunities to help others understand difficult concepts. In a world full of competition, there was always something special about Temple when it came to comradery. I never felt alone here.


I am grateful to have been part of a class at Temple University that was able to persevere through one of the most challenging years that we have ever lived through. Together, we walk hand in hand into the next phase of our lives, as we brace ourselves for whatever challenges and triumphs await us on the road ahead. Temple has prepared us to accomplish the unthinkable.


Thank you, class of 2021 Temple Owls!