Daniel Szyld

A conference on recent results and new applications of numerical linear algebra and matrix theory will honor the work of Professor Daniel Szyld of Temple University's Department of Mathematics. The conference will feature a public lecture by Volker Mehrmann, Technische Universität Berlin, on "Digital Twins: Modeling, Simulation and Control of Modern Energy Systems" scheduled for March 24 at 4:00 p.m. in the Science Education and Research Center, room 116.

"Daniel Szyld is a leader in numerical linear algebra, a field of computational mathematics focused on the design and analysis of efficient methods for solving large systems of equations with billions of unknowns, which arise in many applications in science and engineering," explains Benjamin Seibold, an associate professor in the Mathematics Department and one of the conference organizers. 

Held on March 24-26, the conference will bring to Main Campus numerous world-renowned applied mathematicians—many of whom have collaborated with Szyld—to share their latest research and trends in matrix theory, iterative methods and preconditioning. 

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"The applied and computational mathematics community is honoring Professor Szyld for his career of making fundamental contributions to the field, his leadership for the community of numerical linear algebra and his mentoring of many students and early career researchers around the world," says Kirk Soodhalter, CST '12, assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, who received his PhD from Temple under the supervision of Szyld.

A Temple faculty member since 1990, Szyld is the author of more than 140 research papers and the recent book, Metabolic Networks, Elementary Flux Modes, and Polyhedral Cones, co-authored with Temple mathematics colleagues Isaac Klapper and Kai Zhao. He is co-director of the High-Performance Computing for Scientific Applications Professional Science Master's program, and a member of CST's Center for Computational Mathematics and Modeling.

Currently the president of the International Linear Algebra Society, Szyld is a member of the editorial boards of The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis and several other journals.

"Professor Szyld is particularly admired for his longstanding activities in mentoring young researchers, particularly from underrepresented communities," says Seibold. "Here at Temple, he is known not only for his extensive service to the university but also for being a champion of connecting mathematics with the real world."