The Summer/Fall 2022 URP application has closed.

Students will be emailed when the application opens and important deadlines. Students must complete the online application by the stated due date to be considered. Fall and summer URP applications are available in February/March. Spring URP applications are available in October. Students can indicate on the application which URP faculty members they might be interested in working with as their faculty research sponsor. Students should specify more than one URP faculty sponsor.  Review the research opportunities on the Find Your Research page.  

  1. Meet the URP application eligibility requirements.

  2. Visit Find Your Research to identify the research projects that interest you.

  3. Complete the URP application.

  4. If approved to participate in the URP,  complete the online Research Approval Form.

    **You are required to upload the PI/Faculty confirmation email that you are conducting research with them to the form.


Applications must be completed for each semester you wish to conduct research - even if you are currently doing the URP and wish to continue into the following semester! There are limited opportunities to participate in summer and fall 2022 URP.  Read your emails regarding URP, take action and be mindful of deadlines.

Dates for summer and fall 2022

Faculty specify their research project opportunities (see Find Your Research page)

March 1-15
Students apply for the URP program

March 23
Students and faculty will be notified of approved URP students for summer and fall 2022  

March 23-April 14
Approved Summer URP students will contact faculty regarding their interest in research and request an interview; Faculty interview and select the students for their research team(s)

April 14
URP approval form deadline for summer 2022

August 2
URP approval form deadline for fall 2022   

*Dates are subject to adjustment

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