Miguel Mostafá, dean of the College of Science and Technology, will be the first featured presenter for a new Temple University speaker series, TUCC Talks.

Hosted by Temple University Center City (TUCC) and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, the series will feature a leader from the Temple community presenting their research to generate an intellectual dialogue. The events will take place at TUCC, Room 222, on Friday afternoons from 1 to 3 p.m. The talks are free to attend, and will also be live streamed. Refreshments will be provided.

On Friday, February 23 Mostafá will present “Symphony of the Cosmos: Unveiling the Universe with Multi-Messenger Astrophysics.” The talk’s synopsis is:

Multimessenger astrophysics is a relatively young field, opening an exciting era of new discoveries through the simultaneous observation of a number of cosmic messengers, such as electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, neutrinos and gravitational waves. Each of these messengers carry important information for understanding astrophysical processes and phenomena, from their origins to the paths used to reach us.

Among the possible sources of cosmic messengers, we find the most energetic events/processes in the universe, including binary systems of compact objects (black holes and neutron stars, for example), supernovae, irregular neutron stars, active galactic nuclei, relativistic jets and more. I will discuss the significance, challenges and prospects of this new interdisciplinary approach, emphasizing its potential to unlock new insights into the most energetic—and enigmatic—processes occurring in the cosmos.

As technological advancements continue, the next generation of experiments and multimessenger astrophysics hold promise for revealing further unprecedented details about both the nature of energetic phenomena and fundamental properties of the universe.

Future TUCC Talks speakers will include:

Vice President Josh Gladden (OVPR): “Everyday Physics: From Airplanes to Rainbows,” Friday, March 22

Dean Jennifer Ibrahim (CPH): “Polices to Promote Health: What Actually Works Friday,” on April 19

Throughout its history, Temple’s Center City Campus has proudly existed as a space for notable speakers to join in discourse with the Philadelphia community. In celebration of our campus’ 50th anniversary, and in acknowledgment of past event series – TUCC’s Poets & Writers Series and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s Friday Forums – TUCC is proud to continue this tradition in 2024.

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