Chair's message

This academic year, faculty and students traveled across the globe from Indonesia to Antarctica, from volcanos in Washington to the Baltic Sea. Alumni worked hand-in-hand with graduate and undergraduate students on campus in the college's Owl to Owl Mentor Program, and on research projects linking our research to practical applications. EES is taking flight with drones on campus and studying Pennsylvania streams and California tectonics.

EES has again been recognized for excellence in instruction and educational research. Associate Professor Alexandra Davatzes earned the Lindback Award for distinguished teaching. Associate Professor Sujith Ravi joined the ranks of tenured faculty and earned an NSF Career Grant for innovation in the field of ecohydrology. In addition, two graduating EES seniors earned the prestigious Temple University Diamond Award: Geology major Kate Lyons, for leading sustainability efforts on campus, and environmental science major Benjamin Burch, for his work on renewable energy ethics here at Temple and NSF-REU research on algae biofuels.

Often our work involves hands-on labs in Beury Hall and research in the field, but despite the COVID-19 restrictions our inquisitive and resilient minds continue their work. In the face of such challenges, we proudly welcome a new group of willing and hardworking alumni who have earned undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.

Nicholas C. Davatzes

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