Chair's Message

This year, CST recognized Laura Toran, Weeks Chair in Environmental Geology, for excellence in research and Assistant Professor Sujith Ravi for mentoring. We are also thrilled to announce our first PhD graduate, Jim Berglund, PhD '19.

Undergraduate and graduate students presented their original research at the American Geophysical Union in Washington, D.C., the Goldschmidt Conference in Boston and at the Geological Society of America in Indianapolis, among many national and regional meetings. They shared new insights into sustainability, micro-grids, geothermal energy, hydrology, geomorphology and the early Earth garnered from successful lab work and fieldwork from the streets of Philadelphia to Mount Saint Helens. We also reunited with a growing number of alumni who attend these meetings.

The department launched two new general education courses that explore the nature of "Evil Plots" in the media and an "Environmental Life Cycle Analysis" of the materials on which we depend. They join a cadre of well-loved courses introducing students across campus to earth science. Our impact on campus continues to grow through teaching, our research into earth systems in urban environments, and mentoring environmental and geological professionals.

I thank our alumni and friends whose financial support has contributed to the growth and success of the department. Please visit, meet the current students and see how we are growing.

Nicholas C. Davatzes
Chair and Associate Professor

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