Empowering extraordinary researchers to explore, to discover and to reach into the unknown

Across disciplines, top CST scientists—National Academy members and authors of some of the most-cited scientific publications in history—are advancing research on materials, energy, genomics, molecular science and biodiversity. They powered Temple University’s rise to R1 status and inclusion in the top 25 research institutions measured by Google Scholar citations.

With six departments, more than a dozen research centers, multiple undergraduate research opportunities, a growing funded-research budget, technology transfer to today’s marketplace and powerful partnerships across Philadelphia and around the world, CST is a potent engine for discoveries that dramatically enhance all of our lives.

Recent News

Chemistry’s Ross Wang named a 2021 Cottrell Scholar

Award honors young scientists as researchers and teachers

Evolution of SARS-CoV-2, from bats to humans, shows a slow rate of change

CST Professor Sergei Pond part of international effort to study genetic change of virus

Temple researchers help people with neurodevelopmental disabilities succeed in IT jobs

A $2.3 million award from the National Science Foundation supports the use of artificial intelligence in the development of virtual job assistance